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Katherine DePaul

American living in Norway

I am American living in Norway and have had the pleasure to travel the country, work directly and

become friends with so many Norwegians who have opened my world up to a whole new way of

thinking. For me the term SOHOMEETSOSLO represents the fact that Norway has become a key

player in the global economic, culture and travel community.

The pandemic has closed down the world especially when it comes to travel and culture and so

much more. As one of the founders of Artist Vision, a Norwegian music management company

my main role is to help bring our artist`s music to the world’s stage. Most of my pre-pandemic time

has been spent outside of Norway ironically on planes; tour buses; backstage; tv station

greenrooms and in record label meetings building our management company. Norway, the place I

have been living and call home for eight years, in fact, I knew very little about. I had never fully

immersed myself in the culture. So, in late Summer 2020, during a long overdue and my very first

extended stay at my husband`s family summer “hytte” (cottage), the idea came to me in the fading

midnight sun and I jumped into it like a much beloved Nordic ice bath. As I hopped in, I started

thinking about how I could apply my management skills in touring and marketing to create a

narrative for Norwegian culture and beauty across the globe.

Since September 2020, I have been safely traveling around Norway speaking to artists, writers, key

thinkers in the green tourism campaign to give a full picture of the exciting thinking, artistry and

beauty that is Norway. What started out as a virtual road trip has now turned into a collection of

stories, information, travel facts and tidbits that will be released as a book in the near future beyond

the digital space of SOHMEETSOSLO.

Launching SOHOMEETSOSLO has been life affirming: the global community wants to be

positive and forward thinking. The time will come when the world will open up again and people

will travel. SOHOMEETSOSLO wants to be the off the beaten path guide and to do list(s) to

Norway to map out their adventures filled with stories, history, art, coffee, music, skiing, shopping,

sailing, baked goods, restaurants, craft beers, hiking trails, kayaking and of course some very practical

hotels and travel information for your journey. Most importantly the hope is SOHOMEETSOLSO

will help translate for you the “hyggelig” moments that define the Norwegian culture and their

approach to life.

So, grab (or take as it would be translated from Norwegian to English) a cup of coffee and a

cinnamon bun and enjoy the site. Please send me comments and suggestions you might have. I

also would love to hear from Norwegians who have an interesting project or passion they might like

to have highlighted on the site.

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