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A View of Oslo with Eplekake and Art: Frognerseteren

(October 2020) The weather in Norway is starting to turn from autumn to winter. There is a chill in the air and in many parts of Norway, they have experienced a bit of snow. I couldn`t think of a better place this afternoon to get out of the cold and have coffee and cake; specifically, “eplekake” (apple cake) at Frognerseteren situated just up the road from the Holemkollen ski jump.

It’s one of my favorite places to take people for the view of Oslo, but it`s really the full package for a visitor to Norway. The main building is an outstanding reflection of late 1800s Norwegian “dragestil” or dragon style architecture by Holm Munthe. The dragon motifs fly off the rooftops and hover over you as you enter the building. The dragons also act as guideposts pointing you towards one of the best views of Oslo you can experience. Get ready to snap your selfies!

This historic restaurant has both a café area called the “Seterstua” and a formal restaurant that features an updated traditional leaning Norwegian menu. There is also a magnificent art collection on display throughout the building that reflects the same appreciation for both the old and the new. The fine dining side to Frognerseteren you will need a reservation. There are often weddings, confirmations and other functions happening here, so plan in advance. But, if you are taking the trip up the mountain as a tourist or skiing/walking/biking the nearby trails, the café is the best bet. Seterstua café features superior open-faced sandwiches, soups and sweets…. you have already heard about the apple cake. It’s a must! But get ready to ski or walk off this calorie bomb.



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