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Berry Picking On The Road From Stavanger To Oslo

(September 2020) The drive from Stavanger to Oslo is such a delight over the mountain, if you have eight hours to spare. The mountain road is stunning, especially along the top above the tree line. In late September you can stop and pick the wild blueberries and the sheep are still out on the mountain grazing. You should be aware there are few places to stop in terms of rest areas along the way, so plan ahead. Norwegians seem to be born with the knowledge of how to navigate the different climates and terrain here, but as a city girl I still occasionally struggle in terms of the right outdoor clothing and what you may need on one of these long road adventures (especially with a 5 year old in tow!). So, don`t get caught without a few extra items in your car as the weather changes very quickly and later times during the year, be sure to check if the road is open to travel.



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