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Bread and Butter: Traditional Scandinavian Bakery With An International Flair

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

(March 2021) This past weekend, I stumbled across the Bread-and-Butter bakery on a walk in the Torshov section of Oslo. It’s a snug kiosk-like bakery that had a small line of devotees waiting at the appropriate distance to get into the shop.

If you pardon the pun, bakeries in Norway are a dime a dozen. Mostly featuring the same three cinnamon bun based baked goods. Most are good, few are excellent. Bread-and-Butter is one of the few; especially if you are looking for a little international variety. This bakery specializes in making Brioche and is one of the main supplier to many of the gourmet burger establishments around Oslo.

I took home with me a few goodies to sample with my family. Most of their tasty treats are a blend between traditional Scandinavian baking meets Asian baked goods. We were a big fan of the light and fluffy air-filled Japanese chocolate cheese cake. But the winner for us was the custard cornet. The pastry was soft and rich covered with a gentle but generous coating of sugar. The surprise was the custard which would have rivaled one of the finest French bakeries. The one item that I found missed the mark to my personal taste, my husband would disagree totally, was the Ensaymada with butter and cream cheese. But if you love butter, then this one is for you!

Most of the items made at Bread-and-Butter are difficult to find in Norway, making this a worthy trip to this off the beaten-path location.

The bakery does keep odd hours, so check with the website for hours of operation:

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