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Dreaming Of Dining Down: UNDER

January 2021: In full disclosure, mind blowing food experience dates back to pre-pandemic. I am writing now as I have been thinking a lot about the restaurant business particularly now as places like the UK are locking back down and the US is skyrocketing out of control with Corona cases. It’s one of the industries hardest hit. As some say, the world of restaurants has become the modern-day theater for couples, families and individuals. In many ways, restaurants have replaced the comradery of former household kitchens and dining tables. We are indebted to our restaurateurs for many of our favorite memories: birthdays, anniversaries, showers, new job, new puppy, etc. etc.

I was fortunate to experience one of Norway`s most spectacular restaurants both in its immersive environment and for its quality of food: UNDER. If you are not aware of this restaurant, you should be! There was a massive international press campaign about a little restaurant in Lindennes that was opening its doors five and a half meters below the sea. No matter what time of year you make a reservation here you get a view of every changing underwater wonders affected by the light of the season. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about both the environment, the architecture and most importantly the food. The tasting menu is prepared with intricate care and artistry by Nicolai Ellitsgaard. The seasonal menu is locally sourced; it’s no wonder the restaurant earned its first Michelin star My hope when it is safe to return to restaurants, we will all take time to appreciate the innovation of restaurants like UNDER with pioneering architecture and engineering; portrait like delectable courses and the team of behind the scene people that make the experience come to life. In the meantime, we can support our local restaurants by planning/booking reservations for down the line; buying restaurant gift cards for our love ones and the all wonderful take-out or take away depending on where you are from! Stay well!

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