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Join Me For Lunch At Norway`s Fairytale Dalen Hotel

(September 2020) I absolutely love visiting hotels ever since I was a child! Up until recently, I have been fortunate in my day job to stay at some wonderful hotels around the world. In Norway there is a group of historic hotels and restaurants called De Historiske. One of the highlights in this collection is the Dalen Hotel. We stopped at the famed fairytale hotel for lunch on our return from Stavanger to Oslo over the mountain.

The Dalen Hotel is situated in the Telemark valley. The main building is in the style of a Swiss Chalet, morphed with architecture that mirrors some of the stave churches in the area. Built in 1894 the hotel welcomed affluent European guests and royals who were traveling the Telemark Canal. During a typical season the hotel is open to all passing travelers to stop by and view the property and grounds. Currently the hotel is closed to impromptu visitors due to the Covid restrictions. Visitors are limited to hotels guests or if you have made a reservation for dining. We made a lunch reservation in advance, but after seeing this wonderful property I will have to go back to stay post pandemic! This hotel had gone through the hardships of the German Occupation being stripped of its art and furniture and left to ruin. In the early 1990s the hotel was brought back to its former glory. I am sure when travel is safe again, this gem will rebound swiftly. I am looking forward to exploring the hotel and staying overnight. I understand there is a ghost that haunts room 17 and more history to unearth here!

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