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Looking for Waldo at Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

(November 2020) It has been a beautiful couple of days in Oslo weather wise. I have taken a walk around Holmenkollen. I love this part of Oslo. Not only is it a beautiful residential area of the city; there are also so many outdoor activities to take part in. Its just a short tram ride from downtown to great skiing, walking and biking trails for all seasons. But the area really comes to life in the winter.

The main event is the Holmenkollen Ski Jump - Holmenkollbakken! Over the years, I have always enjoyed looking for the outline of the ski jump in the skyline of Oslo from airplanes, the highway, etc. as sort of my own personal Where's Waldo game. For someone who didn't grow up skiing, well at least not on a Norwegian level, it’s a funny preoccupation. Since moving here, I have been indoctrinated quickly to the wonders of skiing. So, in March I knew things were looking grim in the state of the world when the Norwegians didn't open to the public their “second national day” the Holemkollen Ski Festival.

The ski jump that is towering over Oslo is not the original. This one was built in 2011 for the World Championships. There has been other platforms that have stood before it dating back to the late 1800s. If you’re interested in the different incarnations of the jump and the history of the Oslo Olympics there is a ski museum at the base of the platform. Additionally there is also a super fun ski jump simulator and during non-winter hours a

zip- line course down jump.


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