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Business Travel In Stavanger, Thon Maritim Is A Great Place To Stay.

(September 2020) We have stayed at many of the Stavanger Hotels in the past few years. On this working trip, we stayed at the Thon Maritim mainly because we were traveling with our daughter. In this moment of time, we felt the hotel chain had keen regard for the covid compliance standards and normally all Thon hotels are pretty consistent in terms of their rooms and helpful staff.

This is not a luxury hotel but is perfect for families and short business trips. Located in the center of town overlooking the swans at Breiavatnet park. It is also just a few blocks from the dock and the old town where all the restaurants, shopping and bars are.

The hotel does not offer any dining with the exception of breakfast. The majority of hotels in Norway have a complimentary breakfast and this is where most Thon Hotels shine. Norwegians take the old adage; breakfast is the most important meal of the day to heart! It is top factor in picking a hotel for many. There is also coffee and tea service available 24 hours a day.

If you need a taxi, I would suggest NOT using their iPad kiosk located in the front lobby. We have tried it on past stays, and it rang true again this time, their setup takes much longer than a direct call or personal app to a local taxi service. There is also no parking at this hotel, but there are parking garages within a short walk of the hotel.

The highlight for my daughter and husband was the table shuffleboard in the main sitting room.


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