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Pannekake and Hedda Gabler in Bæreums Verk.

(October 2020) My first visit to the Sculpture Park at Bæreums Verk was a few years back and I completely missed the sculptures! This standout collection showcases some of the finest talent in Norwegian sculpture. So, the fact I missed them completely seems unbelievable to me now as I walk through these woods of Akerushus. In fairness, it might have had something to do with the pregnancy fog I was in, coupled with my husband mentioning we were going for pancakes as we arrived on the grounds. By the way, the pancakes from Pannekakehustet located within the park did not disappoint. In fact they were my only memory I had of this magical place until today. Not a statement on the park, but a reflection of my prego state of mind at the time…. On my walk I was able to think and see things clearly. This is first and foremost a sculpture garden, but it is also the home of artisans, shops of handmade wool clothing, gourmet goodies, glass blowing and more - all residing within the former iron works community from the 1600s.

My favorite sculpture of the collection is HEDDA GABLER by Turid Angell Eng. On my stroll I can`t help thinking of this incredible character Ibsen created. I share absolutely nothing in common with Hedda in terms of her life or her perspective as a woman, except for the odd coincidence that both of our fathers are generals. How different the world is now for so many women like myself and how little it has changed for some - something to ponder on today's walk as I think of the women in the latter category. The sculptures are placed throughout this small village of red and white houses; along the river and woods; and nestled next to the many walking bridges that pass over the waterfalls. The collection's themes reflect the personality of Norway and run from the political to the whimsical, and mirror the deep reverence for nature that is embedded in the culture here.

I hope this these photos give you a small taste of this must-see collection. If you are traveling here from Oslo, the park is reachable by bus or by car.

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