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Rosfjord Strandhotell Is The Place To Stay When Traveling With Kids!

(September 2020) We are off on a working trip in southern Norway. We stopped in Lyngdal, along the way. I am going to guess that the Rosfjord Strandhotell shines during the summer. It`s perfect summer holiday spot for families and groups – lots of family activities including a large swimming fun park. There is a beautiful beach and quiet harbor, but currently there are some inactive cargo ships being houses in this safe harbor another reminder of the world COVID economic impact.

As we were one of just a handful of guests, we were able to dine in the restaurant without any real COVID concern in terms of social distance. You can`t go wrong with the local cod and fresh kale appetizer. It was a wonderful surprise! If you are traveling with a family, I can also recommend requesting one of the 30-line rooms (example 130, 230, 330, etc.) in the main hotel. They are big and comfortable with a lovely view of the water, the only downside is there is also a view of the camp grounds that are connected to the hotel


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