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The Best Way To See Pulpit Rock Is From Stavanger`s Green Energy Ship

(September 2020) All work and no play….. not on this short trip! We found a short window to take a ride on the green energy electric ship the Rygerelektra (Stavanger) to see Pulpit Rock and the Lysefjord.

This ship is just beautiful! A well-designed interior; reclining seats with tables; computer/phone outlets; modern toilets - wonderfully designed for all weather. (Also, very COVID compliant) You have great views from both inside and outside the ship`s cabin. This is unlike any other Fjord trip I have taken in Norway in terms of the comfort and modern ease of the ship. My only suggestion is that you might want to plan ahead and bring a packed lunch for your journey. Their on-board kiosk has great coffee but underwhelms in food department, especially those who are looking for a healthier lunch.

We took the three-hour round-trip tour from the Stavanger harbor down the Fjord. For those who are planning on hiking to the top of Pulpit Rock, there are hop on/off options on this route – check the website. We`ll be saving the climb until our next trip to Stavanger in the spring of 2021! This was one of the most spectacular three hours I have spent on a sight-seeing trip – you can`t go wrong with this trip while lowering the impact of the Stavanger tourism’s carbon footprint on your journey. I hope this information is helpful for when travel opens up worldwide and is safe again – this is a must do in Stavanger in all weather!


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